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A Long Cool Summer


An all-vinyl mix CD, including an early and mid-80’s hip-hop quarter, a late-80’s quarter, an 00’s funky boom bap quarter, and an 00’s and 2010’s instrumental jazzy and soulful hip-hop quarter.

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This is a series of scratch-heavy live vinyl mixes which I made in the summer of 2020 and put out on a physical format in November 2021. It’s a double-sleeve cover CD with the entire playlist inside it + a handmade paper insert, hand-numbered and signed on one side and with most of the covers of the records used in the mixes printed on the other.

It consists of four parts, blended together: The first one travels back to the early days of hip hop and then fast forward to 1987. The second continues the journey to 1988 and 1989 with more timeless hip hop classics. The third part dives into (mostly) the 00’s indie hip hop scene which birthed great amounts of incredible funky boom bap headnodding tracks. The last chunk is fully instrumental except for my vocal cuts and it includes soulful and jazzy beats from the 00’s and the 2010’s.