At the Ave Breaks 5 12″


12″ vinyl record. Scratch/battle tool + instrumental hip-hop/scratch music EP. Solid cover + paper inner sleeve. Order via HHV (Link in description)  


Order via HHV

This is a skipless ultrapitch scratch tool on one side and an EP + scratch tools on the other.
You can find the first two tracks we ever created with STARTERAs as Starlight – ‘Chop’, later released as ‘The Funky Intro’, and ‘Earjazzm’. You can also find two tracks that I made together with Chrisfader (Restless Leg Syndrome, Duzz Down San) – one beat and one scratch song with scratch verses from myself and maestro Chris. The bonus material includes a traditional juggling friendly tool, three 100bpm skipless scratch sentences + one 133.3bpm locked groove with one of the beats from the EP.