A Long Cool Summer CD


Limited edition CD with a 4-page insert. Full playlist inside.

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This is a series of scratch-heavy live vinyl mixes which I made in the summer of 2020. It is divided into four parts but for no reason, they go like 4, 3, 1, 2. Part 4 travels back to the early days of hip hop and then fast forward to 1987. Part 3 continues the journey to 1988 and 1989 with more timeless hip hop classics. Part 1 dives into (mostly) the 00’s indie hip hop scene that birthed great amounts of incredible funky boom bap headnodding tracks. Part 2 is fully instrumental except for my vocal cuts and it includes mellow beats from the 00’s and the 2010’s.

The numbers of the volumes coincide the chronology of how I made them, while the track numbers here coincide with the actual history of the music.