Bridging the Gap Vol. 2 CD


Limited edition CD with a 4-page insert. Full playlist inside.


We gladly present to you to second volume of ‘Bridging the Gap’. This time round, instead of combining about 55 different musical pieces or pieces of musical pieces together in a 60-minute mix, we decided to use a little bit over 100.

The mix includes a tribute to the classic breaks mixes in the form of mixing and cutting up newer renditions of iconic songs; a tribute to Jay Dee; a tribute to MF DOOM who is to both of us one of the most extravagant and influential MCs of all time; and a tribute to Double K from People Under The Stairs who is to both of us a real unsung hero of hip-hop. May these three colossuses rest in peace.

Apart from that, there is the mandatory good amount of lesser-known breaks and grooves across rap, funk and disco, plus this time we also ventured into neo soul and afrobeat.

We would like to thank Moneyshot, Static and Professor Groove from WeFunk Radio, Jazz T, Oonops and the Cut Beetlez whose shoutouts you can briefly hear sprinkled throughout the mix. In the intro you’ll hear us being called “giants in the game” which we surely do not live up to. Students of the craft – this we’ll always be.