Bridging the Gap CD


Limited edition CD with a 4-page insert. Full playlist on the back cover.


The gaps we bridge

We’ve compiled music that’s firmly grounded in what has been done before but is courageously looking toward the future at the same time. There are joints by official heavy hitters, by elusive underground cats as well as by up-and-coming artists. On “side B” we’ve criss-crossed between genres.

We’re on two sides of the Atlantic. We’re from different generations. One of us has left his battle years behind, the other is just beginning. One has a dozen releases behind his back, the other is yet to be heard and released. One of us prefers to work purely analog, the other prefers to utilise digital technology.

Both of us have a similar vision of what good music is. Music can bridge gaps between people and that is an important reminder in a painfully divided world.